Best Way To Cook Salmon

How to cook salmon to maintain goodness and flavor

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Welcome to best ways to cook salmon. Besides being so rich in protein and omega 3 fatty acid so essential to good heath, salmon is full of flavor.  I cooking salmonhave heard so many people say, I like fish but don’t have it very often, I don’t really know how to cook it, and it can be boring just sticking it in a bit of foil and putting it in the oven.

I know I’m not the only one that has wondered what is the best way to cook this healthy and delicious fish. Plus, I needed some new ideas on how to change it up a bit. Hopefully you won’t get stuck for ideas anymore, and will find lots of delicious ways to enjoy such a healthy source of protein and all the other great benefits that salmon can give you.

Center cuts are my favorite as they are the most tender fillets. You don’t want to over cook your salmon and yet you need to know when it is cooked. It doesn’t take a long time to cook but it depends on how you cook it and the size of the salmon pieces that you are cooking. One rule of thumb is that the salmon looks almost opaque when it is cooked and when you test it, it will start to separate and become more flaky.

how to cook salmon You can use a number of ways to cook salmon whether it’s in a gourmet kitchen or on the BBQ out the back yard. Using a variety of rubs and marinades, salmon can make a variety of fast, easy and delicious healthy meals.

Try out some of these delicious salmon recipes that you will find here and you can always be a bit adventurous and discover some of your own master pieces that you can share with others too.

Having the right tools for the trade can make difference too. Dishes, knives. pans, and if you’re into the outdoors cooking a decent grill for the purpose.

Here’s to your healthy lifestyle, have fun cooking and enjoying salmon the way it should be!


How To Cook Salmon